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  1. Josh unçu
    Josh unçu
    The Cathedrals Camino game : The trails to St. James. Live from the French Way.
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    2. Wily
      Hey Josh - I hope you're having a great time out there! Buen Camino!
      Apr 27, 2017 at 6:24 PM
  2. Weatherford
    Starting the Camino Frances on May 15th, I have been planning this for sometime now and finally I am in the 'countdown' mode. Were!
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  3. Eddie
    Is excited to be starting Camino Frances in 2 weeks!
    1. Weatherford
      Congratulations! I am starting the same route on May 15th, perhaps we will see each other on the path.
      Apr 25, 2017 at 4:32 PM
  4. David W
    David W
    Hi, Pleased to join. Done 3 short (3 x 100k) sections of the Camino before and am aiming to do part of the Camino Portugues this year).
  5. Laurie Ferris
  6. Mary
    Thank You Wily!
  7. Mary
    Is the Passport Office in SJPP on Sundays and if so till when. We are planning on getting there on Sunday June 4th at around 3:30 PM
    1. Wily
      Hey Mary - The Pilgrim's Office in SJPP is open every day including Sundays. They're open until at least 8 pm as I remember so, you won't have any problem with an afternoon arrival. Buen Camino!
      Apr 15, 2017
  8. Nelo
    eat,sleep,walk,talk and repeat.
    1. Canadian Wander
      Canadian Wander
      that is how to do it!
      Apr 10, 2017
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  9. veworley
    Counting down -- we depart for Spain in 14 days. We begin walking in 21 days. VERY excited!
    1. Canadian Wander
      Canadian Wander
      I remember very clearly that excitement...enjoy your Camino!
      Apr 8, 2017
  10. yosemite chic
    yosemite chic
    Hubby and i will begin El Camino on APRIL 29, 2017 from SJPP. Training a lot and looking forward to our new journey.
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  11. Laurie Ferris
  12. Laurie Ferris
  13. Niki
    Hi everyone,
  14. Niki
    Camino September 2017
  15. Kim Federici
    Kim Federici
    The forum is making me part of it already. Start on 9/1/17 in St Jean. Training now!
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  16. Ashna Maharaj
    Ashna Maharaj
    The weather is so unpredictable - we even had snow just after Los Arcos - Yay. Was -5 degrees and rained. We caught the bus to Logrono.
  17. Ashna Maharaj
    Ashna Maharaj
    Meeting amazing people.Walking through amazing landscape.Eating all kinds of food. Staying in different Albergues.
  18. Ashna Maharaj
    Ashna Maharaj
    On my Camino & having the most awesome walk - so much more than I thought hoped or dreamed.
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  19. Josh unçu
    Josh unçu
    "" Who goes to Santiago and not to the Savoir, visits the servant and leaves the Lord. """"
  20. Josh unçu
    Josh unçu
    Who goes to Santiago and not to the Savoir,
  21. Laurie Ferris
  22. Via Anderson
    Via Anderson
    What is the terrain on the last 100 kilometers of the Portuguese Camino?
  23. Laurie Ferris
  24. Keith Camino
    Keith Camino
    Starting Primitivo on 01 April 2017 (is it a coincidence that is also April Fool's day?) :) Will anyone else be there around that time?
  25. janice
    Leaving SJPD April 22, 2017
  26. Scarlet Fez
    Scarlet Fez
    Just back having temporarily lost my profile account!
    1. Terry Wilson
      Terry Wilson
      Do you know where you put it I will have a look behind the sideboard.mmm
      Apr 10, 2017
  27. Mary
    Thanks Wily! I will get one
  28. Laurie Ferris
    Laurie Ferris
  29. joey
    Doing my third Camino in june/july .....hope to meet more wonderful people.
  30. Kris I
    Kris I
    Taking a break from the mountain extremes to walk with my fellow pilgrims towards a deeper understanding!