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  1. Bill McLachlan
    Bill McLachlan
    Completed the section between Leon and Santiago in June of this year! Happy to have completed it as I aborted last year due to injury!
  2. Patricio
    PatmcD. thinking of walking fron Leon to santiago at end of May 2018 is that achievable in 14 days.
    1. Wily
      Absolutely! If you look at the Brierley guide, he lays it out as a 13 day hike from Leon to Santiago. You should be able to walk it quite nicely in your time frame or even a day less. Buen Camino!
      Oct 12, 2017 at 7:23 PM
  3. ChristopherX
    Doing training walks
  4. Roberta
    Hola! I am new here, nervously planning the way with my son Thiago!
  5. LarrySkelton
    Planning on walking the Camino de Santiago in 2019. Rehabbing from knee injury from England hike and look forward to an amazing Camino trek.
  6. valerie and kath
    valerie and kath
    We are two 71year old ladies, who are thinking of walking the Camino in2019 would appreciate advise of route/fitness/ anything really.
    1. Wily
      Lots of threads on the forum on all these topics. Just a matter of going through them to see what other questions you might have. Some pretty comprehensive threads.
      Sep 20, 2017
  7. Josh unçu
    Josh unçu
    2017: French in Spring. Northen, The Salvador & Primitivo done between 23th June & 11Th of August. So, Life again from the French Way....!!
  8. Trish Joudrey
    Start Camino Frances on September 6. How's the weather? What to pack?
  10. Byron
    About to do my first Camino - NERVOUS!
  11. Daniel Bowater
    Daniel Bowater
    Hola! I'm a 30 something Aussie who completed the Camino Frances & Finisterre during June 2017.
  12. Eileen Fitz
    Eileen Fitz
    Hi is it true if someone walks from Santiago to Finistaire they qualify for a credential?
    1. Wily
      Hey Eileen - Not quite. If you walk from Muxia to Santiago, that's far enough to qualify for the Compostela. But, nothing from Santiago out to somewhere else.
      Aug 23, 2017
  13. Reto
    Excited... I start my first Camino soon
  14. Dr Pants
    Dr Pants
    One month from today and I start from SJPDP! Was excited. Then panic. Now excited again.
    1. Dabo
      My sentiments exactly. Confident one minute and then another thinking maybe I didn't train enough. I'm starting in 24 days.
      Aug 15, 2017
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    2. Dr Pants
      Dr Pants
      I think most people will be under prepared - physically. No-one is going to walk for 6+ hours a day everyday to prepare. The important thing for me is not sustaining an injury in the first week and allowing my body to get accustomed to it. Good shoes with proper support as recommended by a podiatrist, a smile and a little walking is my plan. Good luck Dabo.
      Aug 16, 2017
  15. John Zachman
    John Zachman
    Any advice about starting in Burgos, I am starting on Aug. 14th
    1. Wily
      Hey John - Burgos, a great city; a fine point to start your Camino. 21 days in to Santiago from there. La Divina Pastora Is a nice albergue close to the cathedral.
      Aug 5, 2017
  16. Laurie Ferris
  17. Brenda2017
    Back on the Camino, for 3rd time but first time starting in SJPP. In 2014 from Porto-2015 started Leon. Buen Camino
  18. colin_alot
    Walking is the human way of getting about
  19. Laurie Ferris
    Laurie Ferris
  20. Laurie Ferris
  21. Sarah Blotter
    Sarah Blotter
    So excited to be able to complete the pilgrimage next year!
  22. Keith Jones
    Keith Jones
    Just finished my first Camino. Started in SJPP on 5/19/17 and arrived in Santiago on 6/22/17, then on to Fisterra.
  23. Keith Jones
    Keith Jones
    Just completed the Camino Frances, departed SJPP on 5/19/17 arrived in Santiago on 6/22/17. Then on to Fisterra.
  24. Laurie Ferris
  25. Ali
    Hello Pilgrims, hoping for a walk of the coastal Portuguese camino in October. Any ideas of what weather conditions to expect? Buen Camino
  26. Laurie Ferris
  27. Terry Callery
    Terry Callery
  28. Terry Callery
    Terry Callery
    Camino Portuguese 480 km - Tomar - Winter 2017
  29. Terry Callery
    Terry Callery
    Camino Frances 800km - Roncesvalles - Winter 2016
  30. arun
    Planning to be on Camino in mid-July. Coming from California to London to Biarritz