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New Profile Posts

  1. Martin (Ozzy) Osborne
    Martin (Ozzy) Osborne
    Got the picture to load on conversation on home page with Leslie but can not post it and can not even get it back now?
  2. Martin (Ozzy) Osborne
    Martin (Ozzy) Osborne
    Trying but not getting anywhere. I am not to savvy on the computer.
  3. Dominick
  4. Laurie Ferris
  5. Tina
    Where can I buy walking poles starting walking from Pamplona - but on a Sunday 22 April please?
  6. Martin (Ozzy) Osborne
    Martin (Ozzy) Osborne
    How do I change that Member picture to a real picture. I am just a high school graduate so I need some learning!
    1. Wily
      Hey Ozzy, Top right click your name on homepage. This will give you settings. Click on your photo or space where photo should be. You should get a box allowing you to create an avatar and download a stored photo.
      Feb 12, 2018
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  7. Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens
    Frances done ! back on the Ingles in June 18
  8. Wessex Crusader
    Wessex Crusader
    I'm looking forward to attempting the Camino Ingles in late May this year & dream of emulating Chaucer, Bilbo Baggins & the knights crusader
  9. Wessex Crusader
    Wessex Crusader
    Greetings fellow pilgrims!
  10. Laurie Ferris
  11. Kevin Gibson
    Kevin Gibson
    Planning to start from SJPP April 28th 2018
  12. BenL
    Upcoming Camino Portugues May 2018
  13. Laurie Ferris
  14. Laurie Ferris
  15. Laurie Ferris
  16. Ginamarie
    Ginamarie hindsfeet
    Annette, Do you know anything about Sabino Canyon pet boarding? I have to board my cat for a month while I go back to Spain this August/Sept. I am thinking of being in Tucson week of 3/19. What day(s) would be good for you to meet up? I'm so excited for you about your upcoming Camino! Gina
  17. Laurie Ferris
  18. Laurie Ferris
  19. Laurie Ferris
  20. Laurie Ferris
  21. Laurie Ferris
  22. Laurie Ferris
  23. Laurie Ferris
    Laurie Ferris
  24. mvanert
    i don't know what just happened. It seems like I bought a ticket to resume my 2016 camino from Estella.
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  25. Iain McKie
  26. Laurie Ferris
  27. Timothy Stark
    Timothy Stark
    Preparing for a May Camino Primitivo.
  28. Taylor and Nani
    Taylor and Nani
    We are planning to walk the Camino in May 2018. Is it so gut busting ? Our ages are 72 and 11.
  29. Laurie Ferris
  30. Laurie Ferris