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Mar 15, 2012
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    1. Waterweed
      Great! Well you should try them out; I bet they are delicious. The salsa I made surprised me, because when I put it in the jars, I thought it looked runny but just did not want to cook it down anymore. The next day I opened the partial jar I put in the refrigerator and found the consistency to be about right. I would bet your peppers are bursting with flavor as much as they have colour :-)
    2. Dollmac
      Hey Elandra, They turned out really good. The colour is great too. Hoping they taste as good as they look now !!!
    3. Waterweed
      How did your peppers turn out?
    4. JAMC
      I am so excited I can hardly type.... can't believe its finally here.... only 2 more sleeps!!! I will keep in touch via the blog, but if you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer them if and when I get time/wifi!
      Thanks for all your support over the past months, especially when I had that bit of a wobble! I feel as if I've known you for ever.... God Bless my friendx
    5. JAMC
      Hi Dollmac, Got to be honest I haven't been able to play with them yet I have been ill and unable to actually go out and try them out :-( Will let you know how I get on with them as soon as I get out with them.
    6. Irishmartin
      Hi Dolores,

      I have seen from you're posts you are going on the Camino in Sept. I am planning my first trip but am lacking serious information!! I dont have too long off work so am hoping to do about 200k from ponferrada to santiago.
      Is Aer lingus the only carrier that you use? I was just looking for flights and they go to santiago and back. Do ryan air? Also (sorry for annoying you) is it easy to fly into santiago and get a train/but to my starting destination? One last question really!!! Can i get the pilgram passport in ireland?
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    Dolores ;)

    Age is relative - when you are over the hill you pick up speed