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Feb 16, 2018
Dec 26, 2009
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Seattle, Washington, United States

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Super Moderator, from Seattle, Washington, United States

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Feb 16, 2018
    1. Texanna
      First of all, I noticed that you had given a pilgrim/priest some advice on celebrating Mass on the Camino hence why I have turned to you.I am aiming to walk the CF in April/May. I think it would be awesome to be in Spain during Holy Week, April. Might you suggest a city/village which I could aim for to celebrate Easter Sunday ? I am free to go anytime.
    2. jozero
      Good day! Just want to say I absolutely love the idea of the 'Live Camino' page. Only suggestion/feedback I have is that there could be a mention to all that it be used more for 'live' updates and comments rather than starting as a live update and progressing into a discussion about the live update. This might make it a little more user friendly on the Camino when you're giving/receiving updates. Aside from that, awesome update to the forum!! Thx, Jordon
    3. Agnogel
      Hi Sandy i have replyed to a few posts this week and started a new topic last night but none of them are showing up on the forum can you check this for me please thanks Peter
    4. proxectoconto
      Hi HuskyNerd,
      While trying to make a post I make a rookie mistake and send it twice. Could you delete the first one, the one without photo?
      Many thanks, Angel.
    5. egypte
      I'm sorry for the late answer. (about maps via Francigena)

      My emailadress is xphoeniksx@hotmail.com
    6. Toniton
      Hi Huskynerd,

      I've just posted on the forums about how to get to SJPDP and I saw that you'd already posted in this thread; http://www.caminoforums.com/traveling-camino/1612-getting-vancouver-bc-sjpdp.html
      I am also planning to go to SJPDP from Vancouver but based on my experience it is much cheaper to get a flight from seattle or bellingham (if there are any).

      I was actually wondering if you would recommend going from seattle insteade of going from Vancouver? I know the bus cost around $60-$80. But if I can save $200-$300 I'm a happy camper. Thanks again for your input.

    7. egypte
      I just read you had some maps about via Francigena di San Francesco. My brother, who is a priest (here in Belgium) also is going to do it (Assisi to Rome) in 1 or 2 weeks. As he has little time, I'm looking things up a bit for him. Could you - if you want - please the maps to my email adress?

      It would be really a great help for him... (and also for me..)

      Kind regards,
      Jonas De Clercq
    8. revsm87
      Sorry I was having trouble posting that night and couldn't seem to see my posts... but then again I'm new to the whole forum thing.
    9. tomandlauren
      Hi HuskyNerd,
      You mentioned wanting to write a devotional guide for the camino in one of your earlier posts. Did you ever write one or if not can you recommend one? I'm hoping, Lord willing, to walk the Camino Frances in Fall 2013 and a devotional specifically for the Camino would be great. Thanks. Buen Camino.
      ~lauren, CA USA
    10. Hawaii Lad
      Hawaii Lad
      Greetings Sandy. I just had a camino moment (pang) this morning whilst stuck in rush hour traffic. It really is an alternate universe. Must get back, somehow. Primitivo next year? Hope you are well. Aloha............!
    11. rosyposy
      Hi Sandy, re the trains from Bayonne, i'm not on my compuer at present to check properly but I thougt there was a 6.41 PM train to SJPP. Have I read the schedule wrong?
    12. EPs Dad
      EPs Dad
      Hello HuskyNerd...or anyone else with Camino experience- This is my first Camino and I'm leaving California on June 18 and allowing 34 days (including travel) to do the French route. I have so many questions but I'll begin with some basics: Should I carry my pack with me on the plane and if I do, then how does one get their trek poles and Swiss Army knife through security? Also, what is the best form of travel to get to SJPP from Madrid? Thank you so much for the well received tips.
    13. cfontein
      Hi HuskyNerd! I'm headed back to the Camino in mid-May to hike from Leon to Santiago (arrive June 3). Last time on that section was in Aug of 2008 when Jake and I met you (and G.). We didn't have any rain that time but I'm anticipating a lot in May. What's your advice as to rain gear? Backpack poncho or rain jacket and pack cover or both? Rain pants? Gaiters? I will have a fleece for warmth. I often think of the two of you and how much fun we had and how nice it was to see you in Seattle. Jake is happy acting in Chicago. Hugs, Carol
    14. mpd
      Hello HuskyNerd, I have read quite a few of your post and find them quite helpful for my on coming camino in april thank for you guidence
    15. caminolover
      Hi. Could you tell me how I post a new thread on this site!?! I just joined literally minutes ago and can't seem to find where I do this!!
    16. Gina
      Hi HuskyNerd. I find your help really useful. Maybe I'll let you know how it turs out:;) Thank you very mutch. I appreciate your help very mutch. I'll go for 35 days.... hoping to survive the camino:) Gina
    17. Gina
      Hi - and thank you very mutch for your help. It was really useful. I would prefer to not spend one night in Biarritz so I'll take a look at expressbourricot as you mentioned. Is this something that I need to book in advance, or is it ok to book it on the day I arrive at Biarritz? (If I book the flight I've been thinking about, I'll arrive in Biarritz at about 1800 o'clock). I will try to strech my original plan about 32 days to at least 35 days. I have a feeling that I should do all my bookings very soon (I'm planning to start my travel in the middle of June) . So, again, thank you very mutch for your help. Gina
    18. Gina
      Hi. I hope you don't mind me asking for advice (I'm not sure if my question is on the forum page - and you was so kind to give me advice some month ago - and you seem to know a lot about the walk) My question is: is 32 days enought to make the whole trip - from Saint Jean to Santiago? According to my travel agency (in Norway) I should make my booking for my return flights before leaving (because booking only one way is more expencive, and to make sure that there are flights availible). Also according to my travel agency I need to spend one night in Biarittz (because I will arrive too late to catch the train to Saint Jean), and then one night in Saint Jean before start walking early the following day - and then one night in Santiago before going back home. In total that should be 35 days. Is this enough time to do the whole thing? I'm very grateful for any advice. Thank you...:)
    19. SeanMacGabhann
      My partner and I intend on doing part of the Camino this august. We are kinda blind at the moment regarding travel arrangements. Our aim is to reach Santiago de Compastala from a point along the trail that can be covered in three and ahalf weeks.

      Has anybody information regarding travel arrangement by plane??

      any assistance is a big help....Thanks

    20. Laurah
      Well...thank you! Just finished watching the youtube video which (even more) confirmed my crazy notion of walking the full route. I can't not, if i am feeling in doubt of my ability to i need only watch the video :)
      ...and as a side note i was surprised to find we share some common interests.
    21. victoria
      Hi Sandy
      I accidentally went to the "other" camino website (doing my weekly check!!) and came across the following post about a Danish man who died near Estella in May...and then further on in the thread, his son is asking if there is anyway he might find any other pilgrims who may have met his father...I haven't been able to reach Claudie to ask her ( I noticed an elderly Danish man in one of the photos her friend posted...) This is the link: SAD news .....Two pilgrims die in the CAMINO - Camino de Santiago de Compostela forum
      kind regards
      Victoria (clouds mum)
    22. SuzyQ
      Hi there - Im doing the walk with my sister end July from Burgos. I need to know from you though ..... I am very unfit, a bit overweight - BUT - want to do it!! I went through a heartbreaking divorce a year ago and have been told that if anything, this will help me get through it as well as helping me get fit and lose weight. Do you think I can do it? My sister is very "walking" fit and Im afraid of holding her back. Thank you. Regards, Helen
    23. Larry
      I want to add a picture to my profile but I can't find how to do it. Can anyone help me??
    24. Claus
      Many thanks for your help-I am having a hard time using this forum..Claus
    25. Sophie Garcia
      Sophie Garcia
      Hi Sandy!!!! I'm still hoping to get there, did u see wot I've just posted??? lol
    26. Tanya Yaksich
      Tanya Yaksich
      Hi Huskynerd, i'm off in 5 minutes, 6hr trip to Perth and fly out tomorrow for Madrid. Will keep you all posted about conditions.
      Cheers Tanya
    27. Tanya Yaksich
      Tanya Yaksich
      Hi Huskynerd,
      I wasn't sure i pushed the right buttons to accept to be your friend. I see my name up on the left of this page so i must have.Thanks for all your advice, i shall take my camelbak.
      Struth, i read your link on plastic bottles. It's amazing more of us are not crook.
      Cheers Tanya
    28. Tanya Yaksich
      Tanya Yaksich
      Huskynerd, check out the post under Camino Del Norte
    29. Spacebelle
      I was going to ask a similar question as Iris about the rain, but I also wanted to ask if you did training. I've been breaking in my boots and walking about 3 miles here and there as much as I can...how much training is necessary? I've walked 39 miles in 2 days in the past and had no problem, but is the terrain so much more difficult?
      Thanks in advance for your reply
    30. iris
      Do you know if it is necessary to bring rain gear for June and July months...I've heard it rains in Galicia...just wondering if you might know as you've been a number of times...and I want to do the right thing in terms of being prepared...I just haven't seen anything that refers specifically to rain in June and July! Thanks HN!
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    From Seattle, Washington USA, made my first camino from SJPP to Santiago in 2008. Second camino was last 260 km of the Via de la Plata 2010 (Camino Sanabres). Third Camino Frances was in 2011 with sister and son. Fourth pilgrimage on Camino del Norte, 2012. English, French, Spanish speaker.

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