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John Hussey
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May 3, 2018
Jul 2, 2008
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John Hussey

Super Moderator, Male, from Florida

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May 3, 2018
    1. tmalaby
      Hi John, You mention your custom McHale pack in an early posting. After checking the McHale website it appears that most of packs are large. I am curious if you can tell me what size McHale pack I would need based on your experience. I am a 60 year old female. I have the distinct feeling that backpack weight and comfort is of paramount importance for a long walk.
      1. John Hussey
        John Hussey
        Dan McHale's packs are about indestructable. Mine has thousands of miles.He makes packs of all sizes but talks to you first, then you send him your measurements. Mine is exactly 43 liters and weighs 3.27 pounds with the flap with pocket I asked him to make for me.Its large for the Camino but perfect for AT. It is simple. Backpack weight and comfort is everything. If you wish more info, email me at highwayfl@yahoo.com
        Mar 27, 2015
    2. henestrosa
      I just signed up & I think I changed my mind about my handle. I hope it's not too late to change it to Baltasar Gracian. Would it be possible to do that as an admin?
    3. dinojay2
      Hi John, not sure if you're the person to ask about this but I just discovered this site last week and I posted an intro and then another entry in the Pilgrim Books section promoting my Camino book. I see the first post is still there but the one about my book is gone. Did I break some forum rule by posting this? I looked fairly carefully through the FAQs before posting it and didn't see anything against mentioning it, and I figured that was probably exactly what the Pilgrim Book section was for. Anyway, let me know if this is just a glitch and I should post it again, or if it isn't allowed. Thanks.
    4. charleser
      Hello again John,
      i am sure you are inundated with inquiries, so whenever you get around to this one i would appreciated some clarification on a couple of points.
      as i have not quite figured out how to get my responses from the forum (techno idiot i guess) i thought i would write a private message.

      1) i have read in a few postings about the 'pilgrims passport'??
      where does one get one of those?? is it really a sparate passport like
      the one one uses to travel or a local thing for the Camino??

      2) guess i am still a bit hazy regarding some type of sign in . You mention when i get to Pamplona go to the Alburge Municipal for a required credential? what is that exactly?
      since there are seemingly many starting points do they each have a place for people to check in when they begin...be if Portugal, France, or as in my case Pamplona?

      thanks again John when you get around to it.
    5. Precious1
      Hope you are having a nice day, buoyed with dreams about your upcoming, wonderful sounding, Camino.
    6. Sarah Mahony
      Sarah Mahony
      Good morning.
      I need to remove all threads Ive made from this website as they seem to be going LIVE on GOOGLE......
      and I really wish my privacy to be respected...

      everytime a comment is made to my post its loud and clear on the internet

      how do I delete my posts and remove myself from this site?

      thank you
      sarah mahony

      im currently logged in through facebook
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