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Sep 23, 2019
Jan 23, 2008
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July 22
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Administrator, Male, from Prague

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Sep 23, 2019
    1. Lipka149
      Hello my friend -
      Finally got around to sending you a few shekels for all you do. But how do I dump the donating member label ? Gosh, can't even remember how to send a PM.
      All the best -
      ~ A
    2. Terry Wilson
      Terry Wilson
      Hi Leslie . My daughter Rebecca Wilson is joining as she is going to walk with me in April. I have been looking for her in new members there seams to be nothing appearing since 19th Oct. I look forward to seeing her here online. No problem she just asked me about it thought I would ask. God bless.
    3. Ali
      Hello everyone!
      Is there a pilgrim office in Porto? I know the camino is near near the cathedral, but is there a place to check in and obtain the scallop shell and meet some pilgrims? I'll be walking the coastal Camino from Porto to Santiago next month! Any advice or updates will be greatly appreciated! Peace to all ! Ali
      1. Canadian Wander
        Canadian Wander
        Hi Ali. My wife and I arrive in Sept 2 in Porto, starting the walk on 3 Sept.
        Aug 30, 2018
    4. hindsfeet
      Hello Leslie, I am writing to you because of a request from Gina Bottoms. She stated that she tried changing her email address from gmail to aol and lost everything! Is there any way that you can help her? Her new email is g.bottoms@aol.com Thank you Leslie!
    5. Amparo Mcdowell
      Amparo Mcdowell
      Hi Leslie, can you tell me when does Napoleon route opens in April? Thank you.
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      2. Amparo Mcdowell
        Amparo Mcdowell
        Great, I'm looking forward to the trip, but for now, I'm content walking and training in the Catskills. thank you for your input Wily.
        Jun 26, 2017
        Wily likes this.
      3. Wily
        I'm just north of you in the Adirondacks. If you're already walking the hills, you'll be in great shape! Buen Camino!
        Jun 26, 2017
        Amparo Mcdowell likes this.
      4. Amparo Mcdowell
        Amparo Mcdowell
        Practically neighbors :)
        Jun 26, 2017
    6. Jane
      Hi Leslie
      Im hoping to walk the Santiago Finistere route in September and as a female 65 fit, i prefer to walk with others, any ideas please, thank you
    7. nomad
      Hi Leslie.
      I live in Velez Rubio, Almeria, Spain and my friend, who lives in Glasgow, Scotland is going to come with me.We are thinking April/May 2017 and maybe not do the whole Camino at the one time, maybe do it in sections. I plan to meet her either in Madrid or Barcelona and then take a train to Pamplona and then a bus to St Pied.
      Feesable , I think. Kind regards and thank you for accepting me on the forum
    8. Bridgette
      Hello leslie
    9. Bridgette
      Hiya seems ok now I am starting the Camino walk in April 17 I have never done anything like this before but it's in my list of things to do when you find you find yourself divorced and needing to mend so any help will be much appreciated, I am starting it from Paris, going from Manchester to London then flying to Paris believe I the catch 2 trains to start of the walk.
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      2. Teresa Serrao
        Teresa Serrao
        Good on you Bridgette. Good luck
        Nov 3, 2016
    10. Bridgette
      Hello I am having trouble messaging you
    11. Diane Maxon
      Diane Maxon
      Hello - how do I update my profile with information about where I am from and when I.did.my.Camino's?
    12. Hobbler
      Leslie, I get confused by the forum at times. I'm not even sure if the last long message came from you or from Louis. I have answered it and, if it came from you, you will have seen my answer. Who would be a forum administrator!!
      1. Leslie
        Yes, the problem with the last one is that it was addressed to several people when Louis sent it. I did not notice that until I had replied, so my reply went to all that the first message went to.

        I also miss some things on the software.

        In general being an admin is okay, this forum is fairly quiet and usually runs okay for most people. It is just a couple of times a year something blows up.
        Oct 20, 2015
    13. jwmarshall
      I am in santiago and leaving to porto tomorrow. Local number just for my time in Spain 625759168
    14. jwmarshall
      I am in santiago and leaving to porto tomorrow. Local number just for my time in Spain 625759168
    15. jwmarshall
      Leslie. Do you handle luggage storage and where is your location?
    16. El Condor 2014
      El Condor 2014
      Hi Leslie, just finished reading a book you recommended , The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett
      A great book , Thanks !
      I have given it 5 star rating
      1. Leslie
        I am glad you liked it. I have read many Camino books, but only write reviews of the ones I like... I have a few more at this moment in my iPad which I will get to during the next month or so.
        Aug 8, 2015
    17. Taylor23
      Leslie, I am looking for someone to walk the Camino with in the very near future, and I was wondering what the safest way to go about that would be?
      1. Leslie
        It depends on what time of the year you are going, bit I would suggest just starting on your own and you will meet people very quickly.
        Aug 8, 2015
    18. old.woman.witch
      1. Leslie likes this.
    19. El Condor 2014
      El Condor 2014
      Hi Leslie,
      Just inquiring if we can send a small parcel with clothing from Pamplona to Santiago, that we can pick up when we get to Santiago. We will be doing the Camino Frances.. Any info will be greatly appreciated
    20. danvo
      Leslie, i think it will be fine to add "sticky" notes to Camino frances section - about travelling to SJPP. There are many people that don't know about airport in Biarritz. So i think any sum of possibilities. Thanks for your work!
      1. Leslie
        Yes, that is a good idea. I thought there was one, I will have a look and if not I will start one. Thanks
        Apr 22, 2015
    21. alanhobo
      Hi Leslie how are the exercises going?
      1. Leslie
        with my tendon?

        somewhat lazy...

        During the week so busy I forget, and then try to catch up at weekend... I know not the way to do it or live.
        Feb 17, 2015
    22. Covey
      Tried sending you a PM but your character counter appears not to work!!

      Kindest regards,
      1. Leslie
        Yeah, I fixed everyone elses PM's and not my own. It should work ok now.

        I hope you are well.
        Feb 16, 2015
    23. Seamus mor
      Seamus mor
      This is Seamus mor. I have just joined today, 8 Oct. -2014. Last May, I walked with a group of 13 pilgrims plus guide. We were ALL very congenial pilgrims with not one complainer in the group and not even a hint of negativity! We started in Sarria and arrived in Santiago de C. Seven days later. Our young guide, Pilar, was top notch
      very pleasant, well informed, hence very knowledgeable and conscientious and highly intelligent. She will go far(no pun intended.). :-). :-)
      More later.... :-). Buon Camino!
      1. J. Cooper likes this.
    24. Walked Once
      Walked Once
      Hello Leslie. I joined yesterday and posted my first post......didn't notice the bit that mentions it being read by a moderator before showing in the forum, so i re-posted again today...oops. Could my second post be stopped and deleted. Great start eh :-)
    25. Samc967
      Hi Leslie, iv been directed towards you as i accidently clicked the style of the page t the old one and dont know how to get it back as i cant figure this one out at all. Please help if you can.

      Cheers Sam
    26. Precious1
      Hey Leslie,

      Love the new look and interface.
      On my wish list is to incorporate the option for us to edit our own messages and threads as we choose whenever we choose. This is an option I find in every other forum and find I sorely miss here. :)
    27. Precious1
      Thank you Leslie!!
      Buen Camino
    28. CapeAnna
      Hi Leslie, I agree with mollyo that this is really the best site for info on the Camino!
      I only joined 2 days ago, but are already addicted to reading about all the Walks.
      We plan on doing the Scotland and Ireland ones next year when visiting our son in the UK.
      Been to Scotland twice , would love to do Ireland.
      Thanks again for all the info.
    29. DeCassia
      I am planning on doing El Camino and would like to ask if its ok to wear tennis shoes. I am a runner and have very good shoes which are comfortable.
      Can anyone tell me if I can wear tennis shoes instead of boots?
    30. pbattjes
      Hi Leslie, not sure if you received my earlier message. I have recently completed a cookbook on the wonderful food we enjoyed along the Way. Many pilgrims we walked with were inerested in getting a copy. I would like to post this info in forum and newsletter. Would this be ok? See Camino Cocina for more info on book. Thanks Paul Battjes
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    July 22
    Home Page:
    I am the one that runs this site, looks after the code and updates stuff.

    I first walked the Camino Frances in 2004. I found it hard going in the earlier stages - I wasn't as fit as I am now, and I was carrying a backpack that was about 13kg - far too much.

    For some reason that I hadn't figured out at the time I went back and walk again in 2005. During this walk I met my other half.

    Then in 2006 I started building a website from scratch by learning HTML, CSS, etc. What better topic than the Camino. This site and my blog evolved from that point.

    I am Scottish, from Glasgow, ran away from home in 1997 to Dublin, and moved to Prague in 2013. There have been a few other long stays elsewhere, I look back and appreciate how fortunate my has been so far.

    I published my guidebook on the Camino France during April 2015. You can see it here on Amazon US - http://www.amazon.com/Camino-Santiago-Frances-2015-ebook/dp/B00WGFUF0M/

    And Amazon UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Camino-Santiago-Frances-2015-ebook/dp/B00WGFUF0M/

    It is available on Amazon worldwide.


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