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Oct 30, 2019
Jun 7, 2011
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Wilmington, NC
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Oct 30, 2019
    1. dinojay2
    2. mamagorp
      My husband and I will begin our Camino in SJPP May 17, 2013. We will be in Wilmington, NC, next week and would love to meet you for coffee and hear any suggestions you might have for our trip. Thanks! omblackwell@gmail.com
    3. twinfield13
      Hi, your message inbox is full so I cannot respond to your message. What is your email
    4. Dollmac
      Hi, Lipka,
      I bought john Brierleys book, and find it really good. As i am going on my own i am thinking i will prob stick with his walking plan as in his timing. it seems reasonable enough to me and if i start at around 7 am that would leave plenty of rest time in the evenings. What do you think ?? Is 33 days a reasonable time scale i am pretty fit.
    5. Tao65
      Thank you Lipka149 for your comment.You have allowed me to revisit my accomodation consideration.Being my first Camino and embarking this adventure solo, I felt it might be a safer and more organized to use this approach.Thank you for your kindness and sensitivity!
    6. Precious1
      Lucky bride!!
      What better way to get to know what kind of man she hitched up with. than walking the Camino de Santiago together!l
    7. Anso
      I figured with a family camino in 2020, the oldest would be 15 and that would probably be the last family holiday before he would prefer to holiday with his mates.
      War-gaming, I've played all sorts really from sci-fi to Napoleonic, actually just came back from holiday, toured French and Belgium ww1 trench sites, as well as Verdun and Waterloo. Most recently I've been running a home-brew tabletop 28mm skirmish game based on the stalker PC game, for my eldest and a couple of his friends, 6 - 10 year olds, as their Mercs take on zombie hordes, wolves and assorted other mutants, its great to see their imaginations get fired up, their feverish chatter as they developed back stories for their tabletop persona's, was really rewarding.
      I assume you neglected to mention to the new wife the mandatory 800km walk before you married her, good luck to your wife on the camino, and of course retirement, sadly still 27 more years of gray miserable Monday mornings to go for me....
    8. Laurah
      "Not all who wander are lost"
      is one of my fave quotes! I had a bumper sticker of that right next to the 'have hiking boots will travel' one :)
      Cheers mate.
    9. Anso
      Hi Alan, my lads want to come with me in september, but at 5 and 3 they are still a tad young, so 2020 seems like a good year.

      When are you planning on walking ?

      I've sent a friend request, by the way.

      best regards
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    Wilmington, NC
    Trade Show Manager
    Born Catholic and spent 12 years in Catholic school. The Baltimore catechism was just being phased out and the changes from Vatican II were being implemented as I was going through grade school. These 12 years were instrumental in forming a solid knowledge of my Faith, less so a solid practice.

    Married my high school sweetheart after graduating from college (Cornell University) and soon started a family (three children: Aaron, Rebecca and Jonathan). Returned to a regular religious practice and did so as a family for many years.

    Made my Cursillo weekend in the late 80’s and the experience literally changed my life. Everything that was hollow and dry in my practice of Catholicism became vibrantly alive. This wonderful Movement within the Catholic Church was founded by a group of men who took their inspiration from … you guessed it … walking the Camino.

    Determined at that point I would enjoy walking in their footsteps. Twenty some years later, after the children were grown and out of school, my wife and I divorced. The job I had (and still have) allowed for a 6 week vacation if I planned things right, so with the all the time I could use and the freedom from family obligations to do so, the Camino became a real possibility.

    When my son Aaron suggested that we do it together, it became a no brainer. We walked in June/July of 2009. That’s him in my profile picture. The beards were about 3 weeks old.

    Became engaged just before leaving for the Camino and spent a lot of time as I walked trying to leave the past behind. Couldn’t do it. Wanted to quit. Was told in no uncertain terms that it was not up to me … but that if I finished, Grace enough would be given to help me understand that I had to go through what I did to be where I was at. The metanioa I experienced on my Cursillo weekend was happening again on the Camino. All I had to do was put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

    Aaron and I had an incredible experience together. SJPP to Santiago in 34 days. My feet still hurt. I am now re-married. My wife Donna and I plan to walk the Camino together as soon as we retire.

    That’s the short story.

    No doubt more will come to light as we share in this wonderful Forum.

    Ultreya !

    History, travel, reading.


    "Not all who wander are lost."

    ~ Alan