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Jul 16, 2018
Jul 3, 2012
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Jeffersonville, IN
Working Again 11/2014

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Member, from Jeffersonville, IN

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Jul 16, 2018
    1. MichaelSG
      I remember you!!! As with many people that we met on that fist day, my wife and I thought of you often on our walk and wondered how you got on. We arrived in Santiago on 30 September and left before 7 October so we missed you. Two years later, I am happy to see that you made it. I did not doubt your determination but many things could have happened. Good to see you! ~Michael You may remember me if you wee at the dinner at Orrison. I was the smartass American that introduced myself by saying "Hello. My name is Michael and I am an alcoholic. Wait. Am I at the wrong meeting?" My wife is from Singapore.
    2. rosyposy
      hi elandra, we didnt see you on the bus after the train was cancelled. Did u arrive ok? Or did I get the date wrong? We arrived on wed 29th and stayed at auberge du pelerin. Rained for 2 days after but now in puente la reina (sunday night). How are you doing? Let me know and maybe we can meet somewhere, sometime. Rosie
    3. Waterweed
      LOL glad to hear it passed the spouse rating and will appreciate the recipe.
    4. Dollmac
      Elandra I tried the pepper relish. It is really good, well it must be Ray had eaten half the jar LOl will mail recipe to you
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    Jeffersonville, IN
    Working Again 11/2014
    Update: Went back to work as a customer service rep for AIG ServiceNet handling escalations and damage reports. Our son now is the father of 8 children - 4 boys and 4 girls. My husband, Dillard and I still live in Jeffersonville, but have been thinking of moving closer to where our son lives...it's just all the packing.
    We now only have 1 Cavalier King Charles - Keelee. Sophie was put down Feb 2016 due to sarcoma cancer.
    I am visiting the forum now because I am homesick for the Camino, which is happening earlier this year. Usually it starts around the middle of August. It is like I make a mental Camino.
    Original Profile:
    I am recently retired - I have worked in post secondary education as a Program Assistant III and Interpreter for the Deaf. I am also a licensed insurance agent in Indiana and sold Medicare advantage plans as well as did customer service for an insurance company for their Medicare supplement plan. I received a Masters of Science in Conflict Management in 2010. Most importantly, I am the wife of a wonderful, proud mother of a son who is an awesome father of seven children. Also I have two 4-legged children, Sophie and Keelee, who are twin littermates.

    Weaving, Spinning, People and New Adventures