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Camino Invierno: Las Médulas To O Barco De Valdeorras

Discussion in 'Live from the Camino' started by Laurie Ferris, May 20, 2019.

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    Day 2 Camino Invierno. Las Médulas to O Barco de Valdeorras. 30 km.
    The walk leaving Las Médulas was pretty. There were light showers and sunshine. 2nd morning in a row with a rainbow! Then, a hilly climb with grand views up and down to Puente de Domingo Flórez which has a churrería. I earned and enjoyed my chocolate con churros. The crossing into Galicia has no sign or makeshift rock border like on the Primitivo has. Arrows are missing and sketchy but Galicia installed new markers recently. Walk follows the Rio Sil and railroad for most of the day, so views are scenic. But not any services between Quereño & Sobradelo, which has Bar Mar, the friendliest pilgrim bar I’ve been to on the Invierno. Highly recommend it. The walk to O Barco was grueling because I was exhausted, it was windy and lots of it on asphalt. Consider taking a taxi to O Barco to save your energy. I stayed at Hostal Gran Tortuga single room with private bath €20 includes breakfast. This might be TMI, but this route is new and has some rough patches so I am taking good notes for a route report I’ll publish this summer on my Camino Provides blog.
    I didn’t see any other pilgrims except for 2 bikers from Spain.
    Below is a link to the tracked walk video with photos.
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