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Camino Of Healing On The Portugués Central

Discussion in 'The Camino Portugues' started by Laurie Ferris, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Mel Soriano from Pasadena, California, is on his fifth Camino and is currently on the part of the Camino Portugués that I walked last year. I am recommending Mel’s blog, Let All Who Are Thirsty Come, plus a few related links below. He is on a spiritual journey and eloquently shares his experience through stories, hymns, prayers, and photographs. In his own words, he’s “Nomadic geek, Episcopalian, Pilgrim, mobile/data integrator, husband, fiscal progressive IMMIGRANT.” He is also on the board of Integrity USA, the LGBTQ group affiliated with the Episcopal Church. For Mel, the Camino pilgrimage is about healing, contemplation, gratitude, and meeting people.


    This is Mel’s first Camino in Portugal. He started in Lisbon, with stays in Fátima and Porto. So far he’s walked 192 km. He expects to arrive in Santiago during the full moon on October 5th. Read his latest posts on his blog at letallwhoarethirstycome.com.

    You can also follow Mel’s Camino Portugués in real-time (wifi-permitting) via his facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CaminoOfHealing/

    I learned about Mel by listening to a “Living Your Journey” interview hosted by Christopher Swan. The 58-minute interview is on YouTube, Apple Podcast, and SoundCloud.

    Interview with Mel and Christopher Swan: Finding new purpose on the Camino de Santiago

    About Mel Soriano

    In spring 2016, he walked the 600 miles from Lourdes to Santiago de Compostela, sharing the Lourdes waters with those on the journey seeking healing. In fall 2017, he led a church group on the Camino. Read more of his bio.

    A few months ago I received a nice message from him about The Camino Provides patch he bought for his backpack.


    If you see Mel on the Camino Portugués or in Santiago, give him a big, Bom Caminho!


    Originally posted at: https://thecaminoprovides.com/2017/09/29/let-all-who-are-thirsty-come/
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