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Camino Statistics

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Covey, Jun 15, 2010.

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    This thread has been at rest for a number of years, but the pilgrims to Santiago did not!
    2010 was a Holy Year, which closed with 272'000 pilgrims arriving at the Pilgrims' Office in Santiago. Holy Years always have exceptional numbers of pilgrims.
    Thus followed 183'000 in 2011, 193'000 in 2012, 216'000 in 2013 and 238'000 this last 2014.
    68% of the pilgrims walked the Camino Francés (Roncesvalles - Santiago) during 2014, and 37% had started from Sarria. (the last 100 kms to qualify for a Compostela)
    Other Caminos to Santiago which have become more frequented recently were the Inglés (+ 72% compared to 2013), Primitivo (+ 32%), Norte (+ 22%) and Portugués (+20%)
    If you choose to walk the Camino, note that the months of July and August are traditionally the most frequented due to holidays in Europe. :rolleyes:

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