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Caminos De Madrid, Salvador, Primitivo And Fisterra

Discussion in 'Live from the Camino' started by Magwood, Aug 19, 2017.

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    Feb 6, 2013
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    Andalusia, Spain
    Not exactly live, although posted live to my blog each day along these four camino routes. Just didn't have the time or the energy to post to the forum at the same time. On the Madrid and San Salvador there were very few other pilgrims although things got busy on the Primitivo and Fisterra. I thoroughly enjoyed these caminos, but was glad to have the company of a ready-made camino family. I walked through stunning scenery, beautiful villages with amazing architecture from over the centuries and some really impressive cities (Segovia, Oviedo, Lugo). All in all a wonderful camino experience.

    If interested, please take a look at my blog, where you will find information about the landscape including lots of photos, accommodation and elevation profiles. I have also posted live in years past from the Caminos Frances, Portuguese (from Lisbon), Mozárabe (from Málaga) and the Norte (including Ruta do Mar & Ingles).

    I have also just finished a video of my 2017 camino. It's a bit long, but I really wanted to share all the beauty and camaraderie that I experienced this year. If you want to skip ahead to a particular section the San Salvador starts at minute 21, the Primitivo at minute 32 and the Fisterra at minute 50.

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