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Cycling the Camino de Santiago

Discussion in 'Cycling the Camino de Santiago' started by Andy Nicholls, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Help needed please..
    I am looking to cycle "The Way" starting at Pamploma.
    I have read reviews on the routes from Pamploma to Santiago de Compestela and this appeals to me most.
    My question is does anybody reccomend a reputible tour company that is also resonably priced in the Uk that can arrange this for me?
    Your help and experience would be greatly appriciated.
    Kind Regards
  2. New mexico bike

    New mexico bike Member

    May 5, 2014
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    Hey friend ,, I looked at several tours , but in the end went alone. I had the greatest time 1/2 the cost. Tours do offer rescue or bike breakdowns you cannot get in the middle of Spain. Even where it says in the guide book bike services, sometimes don't have services.
    Carridon de los Corders had great bike service and supplies, also Astorga. Let me know if you go it alone or with a small group, I can offer lots of advice.
    New Mexico Bike
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  3. Leslie

    Leslie Administrator

    Jan 23, 2008
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  4. franhannity

    franhannity Guest

    in 2003 i was to cycle the CAMINO from LEON with a friend for my 63rd birthday.he pulled out at the last minute, so i decided to go it alone. it was the best thing that could have happened.i could go at my own pace, stop where i wanted, do exactly as i pleased.i did the cycle totally unsupported, with just panniers, a sleeping bag & bed roll.i got lost a couple of times, but people were very helpful; i met some wonderful, memorable pilgrims, saw some wonderful sights;got some memorable photos, & look upon it as the singular most wonderful, exciting thing i ever did.
    i`m now 67, & would love to do it again.so go ahead & do it, & dont worry;you`ll never regret it.
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  5. bpmc

    bpmc Guest

    Greetings. I am planning on doing the Camino (or part of ) by bicycle this September. Would you pass on what ever tips you may have to me? I would be very grateful.
  6. anahorvat

    anahorvat New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Hi everyone, I am a small (21yo) girl from Croatia planing a trip with my mom. It has always been our dream to walk or cycle the Way and now it has finally happened, April 2018 is ours :D now I would appreciate if you could give me an advice about cycling the Camino, what is the best ruth to go and if you know is it easier to get a bike that has like a big basket in the back to put my stuff or just keep a light bacpack on my back?

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  7. Wily

    Wily Francés 2016; Portugués 2017; Inglés/Fisterra 2018

    Mar 1, 2016
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    Upstate New York
    Hi Ana - One sees a good number of bikers on the Camino Frances. Let me first point you in the direction of one of the major bike rental companies that pilgrims use - Bike Iberia. You will see from their website all the specifics from delivery and pickup to bike types to accessories. Although they deliver all over Spain and Portugal, they will also get a bike to Saint Jean Pied de Port, France if that is your desired starting point. Bikes are delivered to your hotel/albergue pretty much ready to go except for a few adjustments. Let me discourage wearing a backpack from the simple perspective that it will through off your balance. Paniers are what you want to use over your rear tire. You should be able to get everything you need to take into the pair of bags. If you are looking at the Brierley guide in planning out your trip, you should easily be able to ride two stages a day and not really be pushing it. Riding the entire Camino Frances is two weeks or just a little more is a reasonsble expectation. There are a few climbs along The Way, but they are generally manageable some with a road alternative. From SJPP many bikers follow the Valcarlos Route across the Pyrenees. It sounds like you and your mom have an exciting time ahead of you. From a walkers point of view, do put a bell on your bike to signal your approach from the rear. Those walking will greatly appreciate that courtesy. Buen Camino!
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