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Day 1 Camino Invierno From Ponferrada To Las Médulas (28 Km)

Discussion in 'Live from the Camino' started by Laurie Ferris, May 18, 2019.

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    71743809-6E08-4B33-95A5-D1A78C2E2698.jpeg A quiet, challenging at times, but beautiful walk through a variety of landscapes. I started walking alongside the gorgeous River Sil, then continued through hamlets, vineyards, cherry orchards, a ghost town, quarry, castle, gnarled trees, well-manicured neighborhoods, dilapidated stone villages, barking dogs, a two-stork town, pine forest, high desert- with lots of ups and downs. Trail conditions were great (not muddy), mostly dirt paths, but some asphalt roads after Castle Cornatel. I ended up in the stunning red rock formations, Las Médulas, which were mined by the Romans for gold.
    I saw just one other pilgrim. No pilgrims’ nest cafes, just a few local bars. If you’re feeling crowded on the Francés, take the Camino Invierno in Ponferrada. In some areas, trail isn’t well marked, so I used Wise Pilgrim’s Invierno I guide and offline map to navigate.

    Here are a few photos highlights.
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