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How To Get To St Jean Pied De Port

Discussion in 'Camino Frances' started by Leslie, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Crepes4Suzette

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    Apr 9, 2016
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    Mike, make sure you print out a good map of Pamplona (not Brierley's). Like Wily said, it's a hike between. I did it last year and it was farther than I'd thought. The bus station is underground, but has a long rectangular glass and chrome entrance above ground . It is next to the Cuidadela (the Ciudadela is a fort ruin in a large park), so you can just walk along the face of the Ciudadela as a reference. The train station is across the center part of town, down a long, steep hill and then out from the hill several more blocks. I had to stop and ask directions twice. Once there, the train station has a lively cafe and plenty of room to sit.
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  2. keithlundy1

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    Wymondham Norfolk
    Hi Leslie, Well I'm back again and counting the days until the 25th July when I start my journey again. I did try last year but I injured my knee in training too close to my start date which left me with quite a poorly leg so I decided not to risk it and walk it this year, fingers crossed preparation has gone quite well.
    The reason I'm dropping you a note is on my alerts I have an automated message "you have been awarded a trophy" do you know what this is and why. Keith, Norfolk
  3. yosemite chic

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    Apr 8, 2017
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    El Camino de Santiago, The French Way
    Starting Point in St Jean Pied de Port (SJPP)

    Getting to St Jean Pied de Port, France was the first hurdle of our pilgrim journey. After much research on the Internet when I planned for this trip, I determined that Barcelona would be the best route for me and my husband. We wanted to spend time in Barcelona at the end of our Camino hike for a few days and spend time with some friends. We allowed ourselves three days to spend in Barcelona before heading back to Los Angeles.

    This is how we got to St Jean Pied de Port, France from Los Angeles, California:
    · LAX to BCN (Barcelona) (16.5 hour flight)
    · Barcelona Sants Train Station to Pamplona on Renfe (4 hour ride)
    · Alsa Bus from Pamplona to St. Jean Pied de Port (2 hour ride)
    · Spent the night in SJPP and began our journey the next morning

    Flew from Los Angeles (LAX) at 7:00 am Pacific Time on American Airlines to Barcelona. We arrived the next day, Saturday, April 29 at 7:00 am. Remember, Europe is 9 hours ahead of us. After landing in Barcelona, we took the Terminal 1 (T1) free airport shuttle to Terminal 2b (T2b) where the train station is located and got on our Renfe train to Pamplona. Our train left at 12 noon, so we had time to eat lunch and have a wonderful Spanish coffee, “café con leche”, which by the way was only about $2 Euros. There is food on the Renfe train, but it’s pricey and not so good. Purchase a Bocadillo at the train station and take it with you on the train to eat instead.

    Now, the train ride from Barcelona to Pamplona is a long one and we thought we would be able to sleep a little, but it’s impossible. The train makes a lot of stops at rural towns and takes about 4 hours to reach Pamplona. Also, there was a woman who talked non-stop and loudly! She kept glancing at Brian and me and obviously didn’t know that I am fluent in Spanish and she was speculating as to where we were from. I should have just stuck up a conversation with her, but I was too exhausted.

    Once you get to Pamplona, you have to get to the bus station, which is located in the very Centre of the city on Calle de Yanguas y Miranda. It's a very short bus ride away from Pamplona train station costing only €1.20 and I highly suggest not walking because it’s easy to get lost and if you are on a time crunch, take a taxi from the train station.

    There are only two buses per day that leave from Pamplona to SJPP. The first bus leaves at 1430 and the second leaves at 1730, so plan your flights, train rides, etc. accordingly, or spend the night in Pamplona and get the bus the next day.
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  4. Tom V

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    Jan 13, 2015
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    Flights to Paris from the US are fairly available and convenient. Easyjet is a commuter that flies to Biarritz from Paris. Then you can take a bushower or taxi to SJPDP.

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