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Laundrymat In St Jean

Discussion in 'Camino Frances' started by BROWNCOUNTYBOB, Sep 4, 2019.


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    For both prior caminos, we've allowed a few days to get to St Jean. We can mostly get over jet lag, and spend time enjoying a few of our favorite towns as tourists before beginning our camino. For our upcoming camino we arrive in Barcelona in the morning, spend a night there; take a train to Pamplona, spend a night there; take a bus to St Jean. Since we only bring a few changes of clothes, we were uncertain when and where we'd be able to wash and dry our clothes. Our experience with both caminos were not ideal.

    In 2015, we waited until we arrived in Roncesvalles to do our laundry. We didn't arrive until 3:30 pm and by the time we checked in, reserved dinner, etc it was close to 4:30. We had our laundry cleaned downstairs at the albergue. The laundry is done by hospitaleros. Our shirts and socks are merino wool and I told them a few times to "wash only". I checked status later and they were just putting our load in the dryer ! We took the laundry and hung it outside, but the sun was going down, so I returned to the laundry and hung it inside on lines. By the next morning, the laundry was still damp.

    In 2017, we arrived at our albergue around noon. The albergue was locked and the doors did not open until 3 pm, which required us to walk the steep streets with our full backpacks. After we finally checked in, the host said he'd wash our laundry. He didn't get it clean until 5 pm. Again, we hung our laundry on outside lines, but it was still damp when we packed the next morning.

    So for this camino, I wanted to research is options in St jean. I asked the hotel where we are staying at and was told that there is a laundry near by. This morning I searched Google map and found a self serve laundry mat within a 2 minute walk from our hotel - located very close to the Office of Tourism. The place is called "Laverie Speed Queen". It is a self serve laundry mat and will be perfect for us. Our hotel said we can bring the damp clothes back to the hotel and there will be a sunny place for the laundry to dry.

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