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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Leslie, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Maya Grandmother

    Maya Grandmother Active Member

    Oct 16, 2014
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    Ontario, Canada
    Hello Kiwi, sorry about all your health issues. I had blisters during my whole trek 3 years ago. I also pricked the blisters daily because if I did not, the pain was bad during the walking. In an albergue in Pamplona, a Spanish physician who had the bunk next to me was horrified and then he took out all this sterile equipment for me, alcohol swabs, about 20 throw away needles and sterile bandages. I also would use the lighter to burn the needle before using to hopefully kill the germs. My husband did not have one blister and on really bad days, he would also carry my bag. Bless his soul. About the fleece, I would think that originally it could have been the coat of the sheep but now it is man made and probably just resembling the sheep's wool. To me it usually also has a hood on it. I wore my fleece everyday and sometimes even at night when it was cold or damp in the room. I am so happy for you, that again you can experience all that the camino has to offer and with your daughter. All the best
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  2. Wily

    Wily Francés 2016; Portugués 2017; Inglés/Fisterra 2018

    Mar 1, 2016
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    Upstate New York
    Hey Kiwi - Yes, a fleece is a type of light weight jacket or it can also be a vest. It now refers to the material that the garment is made from. Fleece is a soft, fuzzy fabric used for sweaters, sweat shirts, jackets, mittens, hats, blankets, and in any other applications where a warm, wool-like material is needed.

    I,too, tried the thread method for tresting blisters on the CF with no good outcome, but short of infection. Since then, my wife and I have walked two more Caminos successfully without a blister problem. Aside from good footwear, the key seemed to be addressing the blister and/or hotspot immediately. Every morning, we’d apply Bodyglide to our feet. This speed-stick like lubricant helped reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe. At breaks, in addition to taking off our shoes and socks, we’d reapply Bodyglide. At the first sign of a hotspot, we’d apply paper pharmaceutical tape to the area to act as a second skin. This usually did the job. However, if a spot did turn into a blister, we’d open it up significantly with a sterilized knife or needle so that it could drain and not fill up again. After treating it with an antibiotic cream, we’d let it dry out. In the morning, we’d clean it again and reapply Body glide to our feet. The affected area was retaped. For us, this practice kept blisters from ever getting any larger and they’d dry up in a couple days. So, immediate attention to a blister area and the use of paper tape has been very successful for us. I, too, followed a lot of well meaning advice from pilgrims on the CF for treating my blisters without much success. If your doctor has recommended something different, that’s what I’d suggest you go with. My other recommendation would be to take advantage of the knowledge pharmacists have in Spain. For a variety of relatively simple problems, we found them quite familiar the the typical ailments from which pilgrims often suffer. Buen Camino!
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  3. Walking Nature World

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    Aug 19, 2018
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    Hello, everyone! We are a young couple who dedicates themselve to creating photo and video content, as well as our own music. Our content is related to travelling and adventures. We are passionate walkers who love hiking, trekking and camping. Our goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle, to motivate people to walk more and care for nature around.

    We walked The Camino del Norte this year and would love to share our experience here with you. And also get more inspiration for future hikes.
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