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Next Holy Year 2021

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Topics' started by BROWNCOUNTYBOB, Aug 25, 2019.


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    My wife and I walked Camino Frances twice (2015 and 2017), we noticed a huge increase in pilgrims in 2017 vs 2015. We were surprised about the increase in the number of pilgrims 2017 vs 2015. We will begin walking our third CF from St Jean on Sept 20. It will be interesting to see how the pilgrim numbers compare this year to 2017.

    One of the first books I read on the Camino was John Brierley's Pilgrim's Guide to Camino Frances. There was a graph that showed the huge increase of pilgrims that hike Camino Frances during a holy year. The last Holy Year was 2010; the next one is 2021. My wife and I would like to keep walking the camino on a two year cycle. We really like walking the camino in Sept-Oct, but have concerns about how many pilgrims will be walking in 2021. We are considering walking the "Tunnel Route / Vasque / Interior" which is less traveled next time, but this joins the CF after 9 stages in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Another option may be to begin our 4th camino a little later, such as early October. However, my wife does not tolerate "cold weather" well so will not consider a camino beginning in mid to late October.

    So my question to veteran pilgrims, during the holy year, how much does the pilgrim traffic drop off during the fall months (the height of the holy year is in late July)? If the flood of pilgrims continues during the entire year, we may want to walk our 4th camino next year or wait until 2022.

    Gracias ! Bob
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