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Recommended Taxi From Santiago To Sarria

Discussion in 'Traveling to and from the Camino' started by Kathleen S, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Kathleen S

    Kathleen S Guest

    I have just returned from doing the Sarria to Santiago leg and thought to share my travel experience for the benefit of others. I flew into Santiago airport and took a taxi from Santiago back to Sarria - shared the cab with 3 others (my two pals and a lady who approached us at the airport). The cab was €125 euro between 4.
    The driver Jose was wonderful. He had perfect english (grew up in England until age 12) and was waiting for us when we arrived despite our flight coming in an hour late.
    The bus from Santiago to Sarria is infrequent and takes approx 3 hours from the center of Santiago (which you need to take a bus to) . Instead the taxi took 1.5 hours and we had a full tour guide explaining each town we went past, the food of the area etc.

    It is an extravagance I know but it was a great comfortable start to the camino and as it happened with the flight delay we would have missed the bus and lost a day walking.

    So for anyone else considering it - I really recommend Jose - his email is taxitravelscq@gmail.com ..... have a great Camino

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